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Strategy - Naming - Identity

The opportunity to build lasting connections with customers

rests within their core needs. We align your organization's purpose

with your customers' identity, desires, and sense of belonging, providing them with unforgettable, tangible, and delightful experiences.

Successful organizations are those that invest in the success of their tribes

Let's co-create your charismatic brand

Our proven methodologies apply to any social impact startups, B Corps, or corporate initiatives facing transformations that require agile and actionable results for an impactful (re)launch.  


You and your



1 to 3-day workshops


A set of rapid discovery sessions

(remote or in-person)



To build a shared understanding of your vision and success metrics



Devise an evolving plan to outmaneuver

your competitors using radical differentiation


Design a brand architecture that is efficient and effectively wins at all of

your customer interactions


Achieve creative autonomy through

a set of internal values that are closely

aligned with your tribe's


Sustainably create, capture, and deliver value to gain a competitive advantage in this era of constant change

The ultimate purpose of brand strategy is to get more people

to buy more stuff for more years at a higher price



Develop a unique name by creating the elegant symbiotic relationship between clarity and Rock Star greatness


Competitive, Linguistic, Trademark,

Domain Name, App, and Social Media  

User Testing

Validate bold ideas that might otherwise

die in your committee and avoid making

expensive mistakes


Enable your organization with a guiding principle so that your customers can easily understand your portfolio of offerings


The right name can be a brand’s most valuable asset. The wrong name can cost millions in workarounds and lost income




We work collaboratively with you to create not just a beautiful but compelling image & voice for your brand. 

Your brand needs to meet people across platforms. A flexible brand identity system can represent you

in a unique but unified way.

Key Touchpoints

Style Guides

We can help amplify your brand message through engaging storytelling in a way that resonates with your audience and builds trust.

Consistency builds authenticity and trust. Tracking specifications from style to color keep your brand advocates organized and on track.

All perception starts with the eye.

The secret of being boring is to say everything.

3 steps to success



We work with you to build

a shared understanding

of your vision and

success metrics




Enter the market

with confidence and

aim for this --->

Low Poly Unicorn.G03.2k-min.png

With an agreed-upon direction of your strategy,

we move forward to translate our discoveries

into a cohesive brand

Own a defendable strategic market position


Transforming a handful of core customers into a loyal tribe

The Agency helped us identify our early adopter consumer profiles in the most nuanced process.
As a result, our test app grew to 12k active users in the first 4 months with the most enthusiastic audience who continue to help us spread the word.

- Sansan Fibri

Founder & CEO, Wakefully, Inc.


Transforming a sporting equipment company to a tight-knit community of outdoor enthusiasts

The Agency helped us tease out the subtleties
of what makes our company differentiated from other brands. Their team displayed a strong sense of New York City professionalism -
clear, to the point, and compelling. 

- Franco Cafelo

The New Abolitionists 

Strategizing a new direction for an award-winning social-impact film studio

The Agency did an incredible job working on my brand experience, delivering more value in return for my investment. Prince Rumi is a brilliant strategist with impeccable taste. And his team is hard-working and dedicated. I trust them implicitly to do right by myself and, therefore, all other clients.
0I6A5777 3 (1) (2).JPG

- Christina Zorich

Filmmaker & Activist, The New Abolitionists

Peroni Beer Italy
Douglas Elliman
Sroka Worldwide Team at Douglas Elliman

Download our free

Naming ebook

The exact brand naming framework that
we have used to effectively name numerous
brands and products

Step-by-step instructions on how to give your brand an evocative name and to avoid common mistakes that cost your brand millions in lost revenue

brand naming strategy ebook
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